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PocketHealth’s CEO Featured on Society for Imaging and Informatics Medicine (SIIM) Podcast

PocketHealth’s CEO, Rishi Nayyar, recently joined Dr. Teresa Martin-Carreras on the Society for Imaging and Informatics Medicine (SIIM) Podcast to discuss the impact of providing patients with access to their own health records. Canada Health Infoway has reported 80% of people want access to their own health records, and 76% of people who first saw their results online were confident they understood the results.

Listen to the Podcast here!

This episode looks at PocketHealth as an example of a cloud-based technology that has been implemented to help patients and healthcare enterprises ditch the disc and cut down on the reliance of CDs. Hosts Arjun, Prasanth, and Jason also take a look at a project at a Penn Medicine (PORTER: Patient-Oriented ReporTER) that allows patients to view an interpretation of the report in language that can be understood by patients with a non-clinical background.